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Smooto Tomato Aloe Snail White & Acne Sleeping Serum
  • Smooto Tomato Aloe Snail White & Acne Sleeping Serum

    New innovation formula integrates sleeping mask and serum, giving soft aloe vera gel. It also has concentrated tomato extract, snail secration and tea tree oil in order to nourish skin, make skin soft and smooth, tighten pores, and control oil. It is alcohol and fragrance free which is suitable for acne and sensitive skin.

    Taking care of 5 acne problems
    1. oily skin
    2. pores
    3. acne scar
    4. pimples
    5. comedones

    = Restores the skin after chemicals, laser treatment, and sunburn and provides moistures.
    = Helps lessen the visibility of scar and dark spots
    = Helps reduce small pimples, skin feels strength and smoother.
    = Helps absorb excess oil, reduces comedones and pimples.

    Apply onto face twice a day or Apply thick layer of mask overnight, without washingtoff.
    Use everyday as needed.
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