Smooto Peachy Ice White Collagen Gel
  • Smooto Peachy Ice White Collagen Gel

    Smoothto Peachy Ice White Collagen Gel

    Collagen gel, full of water, clear skin, pink.

    • Radiant, pinkish skin
    • dark spots look faded
    • Pores look tight.

    Collagen 10 times* concentrated formula

    Smooth skin...fine collagen + hyaluronic, clear skin

    Cooling gel, peach formula with concentrated collagen Helps restore dark skin accumulated To look radiant and pinkish, dark spots, acne scars look faded, natural skin color, smooth, soft, pleasant to the touch, suitable for all skin types.

    How to use : Apply to the face and body daily, morning-evening or as often as needed.

    (Refrigerate to add freshness)

    Warning :

    1. Cosmetics cannot change an individual's natural skin tone.

    2. The result depends on the individual skin condition.

    *Contains 10 times more collagen than Smooto Apple Q 10 Baby White Cream.

    Registration number : 10-1-6200038850

    Net content : 40 g.

    Price : 49 baht

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